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#1 - 2014/05/04 04:25:00 AM
In an attempt to bring the rogue community together, I say we follow in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem, Mangle: Bear, and more recently Power Word: and try to keep each thread up and running to cap.

We have a few rules here but they're all easy:
1) Be nice, we're friends not food.
2) Fellow rogues aren't to be trusted but helping them isn't bad though. (Mind your wallet!)
3) Other classes come in here too sometimes. It's cool, they may be of use to us.
4) Most important is to have fun! This is an off-topic thread after all.

Our "Toys":

We have a Razor Comms voice chat:

Group: Tricks of Our Trade
Group Id: Um0-1__PW5qIzQu6

(You can use either, but best to just paste the id into the channel search.)

Free Client located here:

We have a Reddit (that noone ever posts in) for all the bums without a subscription:

We now have a Rogue Guild! US-Bleeding Hollow Horde <Tricks of Our Trade>

Topic: Baboons with two hearts!

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#5 - 2014/05/04 04:33:00 AM
Duplicate thread, please see this post to consolidate replies: