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#1 - 2013/03/12 12:12:00 PM
TL;DR : For what you get and the time put in, the direhorn falls short imo.

Im sorry to make another thread about this, assuming theres a ton already ( I didnt see any main topic threads on the subject ).

Anyway someone help me wrap my mind around this. I dont mean to sound unappreciative of new pets but I dont see any "advantages" so to speak for getting a direhorn other than cosmetic looks.

You have to grind a tome to be able to learn the ability to tame the creature, its not exotic so theres no exotic ability in addition to its innate one AND its special move is not as good as it looks on paper.

I thought ooo a spell deflect! I was thinking of ways to make use of this ability. I thought you could activate it and then stand behind the direhorn and have a cool spell deflect. A sort of shooting over the animal while being defended from spells for 6 seconds. However, if a caster is NOT targeting the pet specifically his spells will go RIGHT through the "shield".

Only if the caster is directly targeting the pet while its using its special will it deflect. I think it should at LEAST work where you could stand behind it and any spell in the path of the shield gets deflected. That way it would be more tactical.

Your thoughts.

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#48 - 2014/05/02 10:50:00 PM
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