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#1 - 2014/05/02 04:39:00 PM
First let me say i have seen some of these points posted but not all, and i don't troll the forums often enough to see all the threads. That being said there needs to be more focus on explaining why exactly no flight is a good thing to those upset, instead of "you think flight is the point of the game, leave!" responses

I will start with pvp realms because they benefit the most from no flight.

Nowadays when you think of world pvp what do you think of? People swooping down out of the sky only attacking people they know they can kill, and you can't get together other people to kill this ganker because all he has to do is a 1.5 second cast to mount up and fly away? Or maybe you as a lvl 88 kill another 88 and a 90 flies over 5 seconds later because Pandaria is so small and flight is so fast compared to what you can do? People that have known nothing other than a wow where everyone has flight might think this is all wow world pvp has to offer, but it isn't.

I use to play on blackrock during classic, here are some examples of real world pvp, the type of pvp you might get again with no flight zones. On blackrock they held king of the hill type events where your side had to hold a location against the other side for a certain amount of time, these places usually had limited access points and thus were defend-able from ground attacks. This type of player run event is not possible with flying.

On a smaller scale, without flight, once you committed to a pvp engagement. from 1v1 to 5v5 and larger you were committed to the fight for a while. Because, when you spawned after a death and mounted up chances were you would get caught because you couldn't just fly away and after 10 seconds be safe. Getting away from a pvp engagement required much more effort. But why does this matter? Gankers.

With flying mounts there is no real consequence to ganking. Without flying pvpers must realize that if they get in a fight, sure they might win this one but what happens when the guy comes back? or if the ganked guy shouts in general and alerts poeple near there? Without flying he might not be able to get away, and he could end up being camped for his gank. And so before mindlessly attacking something thats red he has to think "is it worth it this time?" This doesn't happen with flying, all that happens is 1.5 seconds later he is flying and safe.

I am an avid pvper, yes i am on a pve server right now but that is because world pvp doesn't exist so there is no point to subject myself to mindless ganking. i played Vanguard on a pvp server, played l2 and was in major clan wars and castle sieges, Terra online on a pvp server. ETC. Every game i play, i play on a pvp server for world pvp, except this one because there is no real world pvp. Hopefully taking away flight will solve this and pvpers everywhere should be celebrating this change like crazy! As a pvp you want to be able to setup ambushes on a roadside if it so pleases you. (did it all the time on l2)

----- And this change will also benefit pve and roleplay servers. Tho not in such a direct way

When you have to run everywhere (yes i would take out all FPs from a zone except one) You actually have to experience more of the game, how many people actually have gone around and just explored on the ground killing random mobs and avoiding dangers. One of the best experinces i had in this game was in BC before anyone had flying mounts, and you were going along in this awesome new zone feeling epic and BAM felreaver owns your !@#. Even on a pve server you had to pay attention to what was going on and not just mindlessly pew pew.

No flight introduces many mechanics for zone designing into the game again, wandering war packs who search an area and hunt you down unless you are paying attention and evade them is just one of a ton of examples. More when everyone is running everywhere you actually run into... other people! IN A MMO *SHOCK*. Who knows maybe you might even talk to these people, form a group, become e friends, do mmo things? Not just fly to target destination and spend 5 minutes or less killing then leaving essentially playing a single player mmo.

Are flying mounts cool to look at? yes and all flying mounts should have their ground version so you can still enjoy these looks in WoD. Is it simple to be able to fly around gathering resources not having a care in the world? Sure. Do flying mounts actually enrich the mmo and wow experience in any meaningful way besides getting to places faster? No. Me and my friends are looking forward to no flight in WoD and we hope it stays.

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#20 - 2014/05/02 07:32:00 PM
Hey everyone! I'm locking this post down as there are quite a few already open on this topic. Let's try to localize the feedback into as few posts as possible and avoid opening duplicate threads. Be sure to keep it constructive!