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#1 - 2014/05/02 12:28:00 PM
When I cancelled my account it had suggested that I give some feedback as to why here. This is not meant as an attack on anyone, it is simply that feedback as to why I don't feel the game is worth $15/Month to me any longer.

#1 - You are not implementing Flying in WoD this is the most important feature of WoW to me. All others are secondary, the ability to have a flying mount is the only reason I still played this game. It is a untie feature not found in other games. I can find plenty of games that have better combat, better graphics, etc. None of them have a feature like this. Without that I don't have my main reason to play.

#2 Making the LFR useless. When you added the LFR I was quite excited, I had begin my new Job around the point Firelands came out, as a software engineer which as I am sure you can empathize with is mostly 10 - 12 hour days and a lot of weekends. It left me with no time to raid. This game me an opportunity to still see advancement in my character (which we all like). Now for some reason you are turning the game back to only the raid guilds get to get any good gear. This is exceptionally disheartening. I don't have the time to commit to a raid guild, now all I can hope for is effectively table scraps.

With these two I major changes I don't feel the $15/Month is worth the game I will have to play. It is quite sad for me to leave but there is nothing left here for me. I wish you well.

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#173 - 2014/05/02 06:41:00 PM
Hey everyone. This topic isn't heading toward any constructive discussion, and there are quite a few posts on this particular topic already. Please feel free to to share further feedback in those posts, but please try to present it in such a way that encourages constructive discussion. This thread was getting out of hand with insults and name calling.