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#1 - 2014/05/02 08:46:00 AM
No flying in WoD. I hear the explanations, and I can't help but think this is a brilliant idea that is 8 years old...

Hear me out, I get the direction that this game is going but removing a perk we've spent upwards of 10,000g on without giving us compensation for it is a bit disingenuous. That's like if I bought a PS4, I played it for 8 years, then after 8 years you implement a new system that will take away my PS4 and give me a PS3 but it's got new games.

This is fundamentally a too little too late problem, we get it you want to make the world huge and immersive, do so by refunding every person who's bought flying with their training costs, or keep the option to do so in WoD areas.

How does it work for lore too? I get in LK it was "too cold" for your special dragons to fly so you had to pay some bimbo mage gold to give your mounts magic wing juice. In Cata, every mount was terrified of Deathwing flying around until you bought a pilot's license in which case I'm Corey Freaking Haim taking my grandpa's car out for a night on the town. In had to pay a mystical panda money so you can fly around on a magic turtle...I just don't even know anymore. So what's WoD's excuse, you go through the portal creating a time paradox to before you bought flying? Doc Brown would be ashamed of your reasonings for removing flying.

At the end of the day you're removing the flying because of your insistence on holding our hands and forcing us to stare at your pretty trees. Hey cool art designer#1342334 made this tree look a LITTLE more prettier than the one that was used 8 years ago. Stop treating us like children and forcing us to oogle at your pretty pictures. We get it Blizzard, Ego stroked, you can create fun environments for us to enjoy, now either allow us to fly in said magic kingdom, or give us the money we've spent over 8 years to fly.

Inb4 hurp durp 10k gold is nothing etc etc etc, I'm rich and you're not. That doesn't mean 10k gold is still a usable resource.

TL;DR, Stop making me buy a PS4 only to take it back and give me a PS3 but say the games are cooler. It's just like the utterly stupid design decision prot paladins had in Cata, which went a little something like this

HEY GUYS! Like your Divine Protection? Well we're making that Next to USELESS(Yay Blizzard in child voices) But don't you worry! After you level to 85 we're going to give it right back, call it a different name, and give you a pretty animation of a golden viking jerk PEEING ON YOU!(OH BOY!)

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#50 - 2014/05/02 06:27:00 PM
There are quite a few threads open on this particular topic, so I'm locking this one down. We totally appreciate your feedback, but let's try to keep it all localized in as few threads as possible. And, as always, please keep it constructive. Thanks!