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#1 - 2014/05/02 05:58:00 AM
I don't have to go on Skype or vent and hear your weird [edit] voice in my head. And I do not have to talk to your weird [edit] voice in my head. Ive heard some of the creepiest and pervy and weird people. I also don't want to hear the desperate WoW men hitting on the first female voice they hear.

I don't want to be your friend I want to do a raid then leave.

If anything LFR should get Buffed as one guy said add harder modes in LFR. The only difference between LFR and Guild raids is LFR finds your group for you and in a Guild you raid with your guild. its the exact same just a different method of starting. Once you know a fight its the exact same. then its just what gear you have. And you cannot argue with that because numerous times they've made bosses as a 'tank' check aka if your tanks cant survive this 'stage' you don't have the proper gear to finish. So GG no such thing as a 'hardcore raider' its just you either talk to weird strangers or you don't.

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#63 - 2014/05/02 04:48:00 PM
Hey, everyone. This thread isn't going anywhere constructive, so it's being locked down. Please watch the language in posts as well, even if the filter censors the words, it's still against policy. If you feel this topic can be re-opened in such a way that it would encourage constructive discussion, feel free to go for it.