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#1 - 2014/05/02 12:08:00 AM
Need a little help here!

This quest is insane and quite frankly, its beyond making me mad. 8 times with a 142g repair is not what I call fun.

I have read and done everything and I still cannot kill this turd. Standing on the balcony does no good after my 1 min use, 5 min CD Earth Elemental goes away.

I am Elemental if that helps. Ive popped hero, used Grace and Ascendance and I cannot get him. Too many damn adds that move way faster than I do, even in Wolf.

Standing on the balcony rails does no good, you still get hit by those adds. I cannot take time to kill them because they hit way hard, my cast time is crap at 1.6 and his AOE is stupid. Im about to say screw it and abandon it and never do this quest again. All this for a lousy cloak.

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#12 - 2014/05/02 01:03:00 AM
Congratulations. :)