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#1 - 2014/05/01 01:38:00 AM
Let's be honest the hunter class is incredibly out of balance right now when compared to the other classes. Sure it is balanced in the arena at high levels, but this is only because of the extremely powerful ccs like sheep/hex/cyclone/etc. that can more or less keep about any class in check in there.

But outside of the arena (pretty much universally) the hunter class is extremely powerful and can virtually always solo an equal geared and skilled player of any other class, most of the time with great ease. There was another thread posted about a hardcounter for a hunter, and guess what there isn't one lol! Who would have known after all right?

Now I understand that all classes have their pros and cons including even hunter, and you could always say hunter doesn't have polymorph or some other powerful spell to prove this. But just be honest the class has way more pros than cons which is exactly why it is so out of balance currently. Obviously one class can't have every single ability in the game, but hunter is as close as it gets to having all the advantages like ranged, and stealth, etc. I know that the upcoming class changes in WoD will help some with this, but the toolkit for the class has become so absurd that I am not even sure if that will fix it to a balanced level.

When you start listing the advantages that hunters have it becomes laughable honestly. They can stealth as a ranged class and even walk around like that lol? So they are a ranged rogue with a pet basically, well I suppose that sounds fair actually. At least I can interrupt them or silence them like other ranged classes to stand a chance right, no wait lol can't do that.

I mean a thread like this would seem like a joke if it wasn't so true, and when you start explaining how the class works and what it does to other classes extreme absurdity begins to come into focus. Sure the game isn't balanced around 1v1 but hunter is totally unfair in 2s and even bumps other classes from rateds as well because people know they are unfair 1v1 and want them on defense at flags.

I saw a hunter get 46 killing blows in a random wsg the other day when the next highest was a lock with 17. I have never seen anyone get that many killing blows since I hit 90 on this mage or even close for that matter, and go figure it was a hunter that did it. I do a lot of randoms as well and have seen other classes get into the 20s plenty of times but you can tell that is pushing the limits of what is possible. There is nothing anyone can say to argue with this, it is quite simply the most unbalanced dps class currently and is badly in need of fixing.

I don't make threads like this really ever anymore, but honestly the class is so broken that it detracts from the fun of the game for me and I know for a fact that there is a serious balance issue here. I have been playing this game way too long to not recognize this kind of thing, and this reminds me of when rets were way overpowered and needed nerfing. This is basically the same thing except hunters just kill all other classes semi slowly with extreme control right now where rets were doing it fast with burst dmg before. I thought a rogue was the class with all the control, but it seems hunters can do it even better from up to 40 yards away no less!

The class needs to be fixed and that is the bottom line, very badly in fact, and sooner rather than later in my opinion.

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#80 - 2014/05/01 06:11:00 PM
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