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#1 - 2014/04/28 11:33:00 AM
Flying has become a major part of World of Warcraft, but with talks of it not being in the world of Draenor, or returning in a later patch, has some angry.

I myself would like flying not to return, well least wait until a later patch in Warlords Of Draenor.

Pros of flying (in my opinion)

Less frame-rate drops (as not everyone is not in the same general area)
If you want to play a for 20-30 min session, you have a quicker means
More variety of mounts (eg not just ground beasts or machines)

Cons of flying (in my opinion)
You miss beautiful scenery
Quests are done without much fuss***

**PVP with flying is like attacking a rouge, that vanishes, and sprints away. With Flying you can avoid almost every encountered pvp.

***You could say that games like final fantasy(excluding newer ones), dragon quest which has flying(near end of the game) does almost the same, thing ( skipping battles or fights), but also the fights take longer(loading taking turns VERY repetitive), it gets that way in wow, yes but not on a scale as in running into 5 cactuars battles in a row in in the desert.

People may say no flying takes from there experience, or its a downgrade, but they don't realize they remove things in all the expansions thus far, i am sure you remember some of them, which were removed , Volley, for hunters, as an example.

People afk in the air, WHY not afk on a flightpath, even if you land on neutral grounds your pretty much safe as neutral NPC's will attack anyone who pvps in a town.
But then again if your poor, you wont be able to afford alot.

Last point/suggestion: With garrisions comming with WoD, how do we know if a building wont increase mount speed, STACKED with guild perks.

Edit: someone mentioned that higher flying speeds makes some nodes missable

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#24 - 2014/04/29 01:23:00 AM
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