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#1 - 2014/04/27 01:00:00 PM
You hate flying and want it removed?

So when we get to the point we are at now. With months upon months without new content, you are going to be happy aggroing all of the mobs in a zone?

Removing flying in the early parts of the xpac means nothing. it is the end of the xpac I am worried about. When we have explored all that we can, and have fought every mob in the xpac, would you not want to skip some?

I have never found the need to unsub at any point of an xpac since I started playing. There are always alts to work on, achievs to get, and so on. Yet if I am stuck fighting my way across an entire continent. It will get old. And if you say different, you are lying to yourself.

These forums are so full of requests to shorten this quest, nerf this, and make quality of life changes for us all.

I cannot wait to see everyone scream for this to be reinstalled. When the xpac is fresh and new, and the excitement of battle gets us all, yes no flight will make it so much better.

Yet when we all get to that point that we have done it all, over and over, it becomes a chore.

Everyone is so focused on the present they forget about whats to come. With no flying you think BOTS are bad now, just wait. Blizz could care less about these cheaters, with less people farming due to the fact it is harder, AH prices are going to go up on such mats. Botters will see this and expand their botting. good luck competing with them.

Completely removing flying will impact us all. WPVP is not coming back on PvE servers, on PvP severs maybe, but I doubt it. And to those who try to troll those of us who support flying, with insulting posts...

Grow up, if it were an aspect of the game being removed you love, most would be sympathetic, at this point it is up to Blizz and not you or me. Insulting those you disagree with only outs you as the childern you are.

Remember that you post here and your posts are saved, many of you anti-fly people have QQed about one thing or another, so get off your high horse, and accept not everyone agrees with you. Your tears taste as good as ours.

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#27 - 2014/04/28 02:01:00 AM
Hi all, thread is being locked as it really doesn't lend itself to constructive conversation. We respectfully ask that you refrain from name calling or any other sort of behavior that may draw the ire of your fellow posters. Thank you for your understanding. The last two posts were deleted as they were in violation of our Code of Conduct .

If you wish to discuss this issue please do so on the original topic thread and in such a way that encourages civil discussion regarding why some players have criticism to offer, by all means do so.