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#1 - 2014/04/27 12:50:00 PM
I don't see why flyer whiners are complaining for so much and long about this issue. You don't fly to do BG's, Arena's, LFR, Flex, Normal, Heroic, Dungeons, Heroic Dungeons, Scenarios, Heroic Scenarios. SINCE LATE WRATH YOU WERNT EVEN USING YOUR FLYING MOUNTS Flying is only for being a pansy in world pvp and getting to the herb/mining node faster. How do you think people leveled in Vanilla and TBC? Most were on 60% GROUND MOUNTS!! Play it before you whine about it because you'll realize fast that you hardly use it cept to fly around SW/Org.

You don't even use your flying mounts other than to fly circles in SW/Org.

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#27 - 2014/04/28 01:36:00 AM
Hi all, thread is being locked as it really doesn't lend itself to constructive conversation. We respectfully ask that you refrain from name calling or any other sort of behavior that may draw the ire of your fellow posters. Thank you for your understanding.

If you wish to post on the original topic thread in such a way that encourages civil discussion regarding why some players have criticism to offer, by all means do so.