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#1 - 2014/04/26 04:48:00 AM
Just heard there won't be any flying in the WoD zones and this is [email protected]#$ing awesome!
i feel like flying gives you less appreaciation of the world since you are 100ft above it and not really paying attention, it's just going from point a to point b, where as when you are riding your mount or walking you can stop and apreaciate the world in it's beauty and notice things you would never before.
I also think that flying have made people less patient and just want to go from point a to b ( as said earlier )
I remember the good old days BC ( before cataclysm ) where you could be wandering down the road and meet other players or pass by some people while questing that could help you.

Flying has made the game seem small and shallow, as you can fly across a zone in under a minute and you arent really paying attention to anything else than your map.
Thank you blizzard for hearing our prayers!

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#2 - 2014/04/26 06:21:00 AM
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