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#1 - 2014/04/24 11:05:00 PM
Elite pvp gear with better stats should be brought back into this game, and normal pvp gear should have rating requirements, when it did before.

you would have to just get honor and get honor pvp gear when it was like this before. and then pve players can stop complaining about pvp gear getting better than pve gear.

pvp takes more skill than pve. then you would say, Oh i thought pvp is only about skill. pvp is about skill having better pvp gear doesn't matter. and if you don't have a 2200 rating, whatever you say is not correct.
i am correct in this thread. Also pve gear should not be better than pvp gear.

blizzard should just fix mmr so bad players do not get into an arena game with good players, until the bad players get better rating. also, having elite pvp gear brings back the reward for having a high rating. And don't say it is always about the comp. because there is still skill involved.

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#201 - 2014/04/25 04:28:00 PM
This thread is getting a bit out of hand. Locking it down. Please keep it constructive in the future.