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#1 - 2014/04/24 01:58:00 PM
WARNING: incoming QQ from a personal point of view - You do not have to agree with what I say, just keep the flaming for yourself please.

Congratulations, Blizz. You managed to make me get on the forums to QQ about your service. Something I never did before until yesterday with the oh so uncommon (/sarcasm) server problems.

Not that I will get a reply from you. Unless I pay you 50 euros for one probably. (Idea for your store maybe? Pay 50 euros to get your in-game ticket reviewed by a real human gm?)

Let's see...

Unstable servers for months and months straight.. check
More and more shop buttons appearing.. check
Not even giving clear information on your own forums when server issues are happening.. check
Newly raised shop prices even though they were already horribly overpriced.. check
72 hours for a simple in-game ticket only to receive an automated answer.. check

You know what Bli$$ard?

I'm getting REALLY fed up with this. I've been playing your game for a long time. I'm starting to regret it and if you keep going on like this I and a lot of other people are going to cancel our subscription.

We pay you more and more and your service gets worse and worse.

Why do we pay you? To make more shop buttons? Seems like it.

What when WoD hits? Followers for your garrison 15 euros each? Access to new zones 5 euros per zone?

If wow was F2P I could live with this but we pay you a subscription every month!!
Do you use this money to give bonuses to the suits or what?

You just spit your loyal players in the face, Bli$$ard. It's time to wake up and turn wow into F2P or revert all your horrible recent changes because I've had it.

From a VERY angry player. Enough is enough.

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#31 - 2014/04/24 07:48:00 PM
Unfortunately this thread has derailed, so we’re locking it at this point. Please continue any constructive discussions in a new thread if necessary.