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#1 - 2012/06/06 11:42:00 AM
it's just so annoying!

i've played on and off for many years, i recently stopped playing a month after cata and picked it up again last week and i have to say that the LFG has both improved and ruined the game

before people knew their place, the healer was a healer and dps was a dps but now days you have shadow priests healing in quest greens just so they can bump up the queue, hunters who pull anything and everything just because you're too slow and often when i'm not a tank i'll see otehr stuff like restodruids who queue for both tank and healer of often are the tank due to their shorter then healer wait time

what has the worl (of warcraft) come to! i used to love running pugs just because of the diveisty of things that poop up with good and bad players alike, i would have 1 in 5 groups where i'd really want to kick someone but now i rarely get 1 in 10 groups i don't want to kick anyone!

a fast tank is not always a good tank

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#27 - 2014/04/15 07:40:00 AM
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