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#1 - 2014/04/11 10:01:00 PM
It appears Dagra gave some of you a hard time. I guess her quick arms were a bit too much to handle, eh?

Well, Payne has decided to send you on a training mission that's sure to warm your heart . . . just before your soul is crushed! You're off to Redridge Mountains to face Lindsay's vicious team of bunnies. To reiterate your instructions: you’ll need to assemble a team of two level-4 pets and one level-5 pet. The level-4 pets can be either Undead or Elemental, and your level-5 pet can be either Humanoid or Beast.

Keep them in this order, and see if you can best Lindsay. Come on back here to tell us how you did when you're done!

P.S. There is a hidden secret in the blog. Can you find it?