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#1 - 2014/04/08 07:01:00 PM
I know this is data mined, and unfinished, and there's another thread about this, but I felt the subject of ears needed its own attention.

Overall, the model looks like it's coming along nicely; but those droopy, floppy silly-putty ears NEED to be fixed.

I'm of the opinion that the model has not been properly rigged, and the ears are appearing untrue to how they will in the final iteration. At least that's my hope. I'm of the preference of Elf ears pointing more up than straight out, which is more High/Blood Elf style I know. The NightElves according to most depictions have a more rearward sweep to them, which I'm fine with in the current form. (Though I'd rather them pointed upper more anyway)

Please Blizzard, do not make my (our) beloved NightElves look ridiculous with saggy bouncing ears.

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#9 - 2014/04/08 07:06:00 PM

"Datamined NE Female model is a VERY old version of her revamp, right before we scrapped most of it and went back to drawing board."