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#1 - 2014/04/02 08:21:00 PM
Celebrating April Fools' Day is a time-honored event many of us enjoy. Yesterday, we as a company featured a lot of different jokes and we thought we’d take a moment to see which one you thought was the best. Here’s the line-up:

  • Blizzard Outcasts – Blizzard Entertainment
  • New Female Draenei Model – World of Warcraft
  • Fake 6.0 Patch Notes – World of Warcraft
  • Happy Reaper™ - Diablo III
  • Herald of the Stars (HotS) – StarCraft II
  • Pajamathur – Heroes of the Storm
  • I did not enjoy any of the April Fools' Day jokes this year.

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    #2 - 2014/04/09 08:43:00 PM
    The April Fools' poll has come to a close. We hope you enjoyed April Fools' Day this year, and thank you for taking the time to vote! Please feel free to discuss the results with each other here.

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    #14 - 2014/04/09 09:20:00 PM
    04/09/2014 01:47 PMPosted by Eranthey
    those patch notes were HILARIOUS. who wrote them?

    A bunch of us on the Community team chipped in. =)

    04/09/2014 01:49 PMPosted by Doomclan
    Although I would've rated Happy Reaper much higher if the 'demo' was actually playable.

    You mean this?