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#1 - 2014/04/02 05:13:00 AM
So how will it go down in history ? Masterstroke or financial disaster ?
Holding back on Warlords beta and information while getting Hearthstone and D3 established!
Unless your blind or death it was hard to miss, yet overlooked by so many!
Blizzcon 2013, yes all those months ago, gave those attending a chance to play parts of the game and had Blizzard saying " we are a lot further along in development than we expected to be "
Any who jumped into MOP beta, could see that the Warlords game play was at the same stage, it looked and felt like the first month in Jade forest.
Would a January beta have effected HS & D3 ? you bet your life it would have.
Blizzard are also well known for holding back, then releasing information at a point it effects their competitors most! ESO is here, soon to be followed by Wildstar, the cards are now on the table and Blizzard will drop it's ace from the sleeve.
In the next few days or week, I fully expect a steady dump of Warlords hype.

Masterstroke or financial disaster ? only time will tell

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#22 - 2014/04/02 07:47:00 PM
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