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#1 - 2014/03/26 09:25:00 PM
I am on Lightning's blade (EU) and have been since vanilla ,
It's always been horde heavy But now they merge karazhan another horde heavy server i was thinking damn they must be adding an alliance server soon ermmm nope they add another horde heavy server deathwing .
So to get to the point .We as alliance can't even farm on timeless isle cos at the moment there is a shed load horde per 1 alliance .
it's getting a total joke .
All blizz say either roll a new alt on a pve server Or pay to move !
Why the hell should i .
I have got 11 90's all with full maxxed trade skills so im totally self contained (had to be on this -server)
A lvl 25 guild and invested 9-10 years to them ,why should i pay to move on top of Subscription cost to fix their major math error .
I have hung on as long as i can ( i think 6 years is enough ) on the hope that blizz will help.

I have been begging you to help on this matter for 6 years and we get this ???

Some number's . (eu server's)
alliance horde Ratio Lightning's Blade CET PVP enGB 210 (15%) 1,183 (85%) 1 : 6.7
Karazhan CET PVP enGB 402 (30%) 935 (70%) 1 : 3
Deathwing CET PVPenGb 392 (23%) 1,331 (77%) 1 : 3.9

P.s to the people who like to rage on post's.
The number's are from "" taken today so there not made up number's .

Please people we all need to get onboard thing's like this or blizzard will never help !.
Help us blizzard understand the player's Not your pockets before they turn it into a bigger dieing game and a even bigger " money pit " !
Why no help ?.
6 days ago
Customer Service Representative
Hey there,

I am Game Master Prynovarr, and after picking up your ticket I was more than happy to take the time to check up on this for you.

Connected Realms is an ongoing process, and the current connections are not the final ones that will be done.

If you want to provide feedback about the game, your best bet is to send it directly through our developers through the new in-game interface. To do this, hit the Help button in the game's menu, then use the Submit Suggestion option.

Please keep in mind that the Game Master team has no control over in-game content, changes, and mechanics.

English Game Master Team
Blizzard Europe
4 days ago

I do post a suggestion close to every day .
You're losing people because of the constant lack of help to this type of issues .
I posted this on forums to and got a very positive response .
You can't say this is not a major issues 13-1 odds is a joke
2 days ago
Customer Service Representative
Hi ????,

Thanks for contacting us about this.

Thank you for posting to our discussion forums, and for making submissions using the suggestion forum; these are absolutely the correct contact media for issues related to server population and changes to game content.

The customer support ticketing system is the wrong medium for contacting us about this issue because, as we have already advised you, this is not an issue with which GMs are able to provide support.

Reviewing your history it looks as though we have advised you of this a number of times, but you continue to use the ticket system to contact us about these issues.

Please stop. Use the forums and the suggestion system, not the ticket system.

Further use of the ticket system on these subjects may result in the temporary suspension of your account. This isn't a step which we typically take lightly, however we really want to make it clear to you that you should be using the forums and the suggestion system because we can't help with these issues and explaining this takes away time which we should be using for issues with which we actually can help.

I have spent over £970.92 so far and i get warned for begging
What a joke .
I am not getting what i pay for .
There's no help or support no free transfers (even know i have been a wow player over 9 years ).
And been begging for help on this issue for 6 years .
I was warned for this chat and the last one i was told to pay to move or re roll a new alt .

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#36 - 2014/03/28 11:35:00 AM
There are existing threads on this topic. Please post in the original thread, it’s not necessary to make a new one.