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#1 - 2014/03/23 11:10:00 PM
I had written a suggestion as a ticket, as it did not fit in the "Submit Suggestion" box via ingame. A GM suggested I posted it in the forums, for the GMs to take care of it here and not the ticket venue. So here is the suggestion:

What I am suggesting may or may not be able to fit not the suggestion box via in-game "Submit Suggestion".

I would like to suggest a new feature for the Parental Controls option. What I had thought about was an option to disable some realms or realm types for children to be playing on. For example the RP servers tht are on WoW, have a LOT of ERP (Erotic Roleplay) in them. This kind of thing should not be allowed on RP servers, as a lot of under-aged children (under 16) play on these servers. I have met a few people over 30 who ask these under 16 year olds to engange in Erotic roleplay with them. It is vulgar and demeaning to children.

I know of a few 8 year olds who play WoW, and when an older player asks them for RP. It usually ends up in ERP, which is an unsafe environment for the child. I think this suggestion would help WoW as it negates child pornography, which too much of ERP with minors has been going on, since I started playing on RP servers back in 2011/12. When I RP with someone, I had to ask their age before engaging.

I do hope you see the direction I am going, in concerns of safety for children who play the game. I have a 6 year old daughter who has been playing. But I have her on PvE servers, which is more safer. I still believe having an options to opt out servers would be best for them. Thanks for taking the time to look through this "Suggestion".

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#11 - 2014/03/25 03:37:00 AM
I wanted to clarify a few things here. Game Masters do not have an interaction with the forums at all and those that do post on the forums are either Forum Support Agents or Community Managers.

That being said, as this was previously mentioned by Thunderwulf, Development and our Community Managers do not read the CS forum normally and we do not serve as liaisons with them. I recommend posting any constructive thoughts or ideas on this via the General Forums so that can at least be viewed and considered.

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