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#1 - 2014/03/23 05:14:00 PM
Hi there,

I don't main a rogue, i don't even play one actually. I was wondering though : we know that rogues have been the least represented class for like, years.

Even now, when they're completely viable pve-wise and pvp-wise, they suffer this much. Don't misunderstand : like i said, they're good, but does the fact that they're still not that played compared to other classes make developers think that they should change them completely, like warlocks in MOP?
Do you, rogue players, think that your class should change in WOD?


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#26 - 2014/03/24 04:33:00 PM
Just wanted to share something that might be interesting for you guys, Chadd Nervig tweeted about the class not so long ago saying that although they're not going for a complete overhaul, they intend to differentiate specs further:

"Mainly going to try to make their rotations more distinct from each other, feel different to play. Again, NOT an overhaul."