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#1 - 2011/08/27 12:43:00 PM
Until recently, it was primarily twinks, nostalgics and RP'ers that lamented the loss of Naxxramas in The Plaguelands, but with transmogrification being announced, many people look at the sweet armor- and weapon models that were present, cursing themselves for doing SSO dailies and Gruul PuGs instead of making weekly Naxx runs in TBC.

But fret no more, for below is a guide to recreating your favorite Naxx look! Let's jump right in, shall we?

Every class had a 9-piece Tier 3 armor set, but for the purpose of transmogrification, these can be regarded as having eight parts, since rings do not show on characters. All of these sets have been recolored and re-introduced as 5-piece Tier 7 sets, with matching boots, belts and bracers available. Select items have different detail, but overall they look very similar. Exact replicas of all cloaks are also available.

Seven weapons and three shields have not been redone for level 80, but fortunately the most iconic and badass ones have been preserved. Most off-set armor pieces that dropped from trash do not have visual matches in the new Naxx, but since most people will opt for a complete set instead, these will not be touched upon in this guide.

Weapons and shields

The following is a list of all the weapons remade for Naxxramas in Dragonblight, listed alphabetically from top to bottom. These are exact replicas - no detail or coloration has changed.

  • Wraith Blade / Iblis, Blade of the Fallen Seraph became Grieving Spellblade
  • Widow's Remorse became Torment of the Banished
  • Toxin Injector became Nerubian Conquerer
  • The Widow's Embrace became Infection Repulser
  • The Hungering Cold became Slayer of the Lifeless
  • The Eye of Nerub became Wraith Spear
  • The Castigator became Maexxna's Femur
  • Spire of Twilight became Charmed Cierge
  • Soulstring became Accursed Bow of the Elite
  • Severance became Death's Bite
  • Might of Menethil became Demise
  • Midnight Haze became The Soulblade
  • Maexxna's Fang became Knife of Incision
  • Kingsfall became Anarchy
  • Harbinger of Doom became Omen of Ruin / Blade of Dormant Memories
  • Hammer of the Twisting Nether became Hammer of the Astral Plane
  • Gressil, Dawn of Ruin became Hatestrike
  • Claymore of Unholy Might became Claymore of Ancient Power
  • Claw of the Frost Wyrm became The Stray / Kel'Thuzad's Reach
  • Brimstone Staff became Sulfur Stave

    This list contains all of the offhand frills and shields. Wands have been packed into this section, as they serve as more of a "stat stick" than as an actual weapon.

  • Sapphiron's Right Eye became Scepter of Murmuring Spirits
  • Sapphiron's Left Eye became Watchful Eye
  • Noth's Frigid Heart became Urn of Lost Memories
  • Gem of Nerubis became Matriarch's Spawn
  • Digested Hand of Power became Surplus Limb
  • The Face of Death became The Skull of Ruin
  • Shield of Condemnation became Aegis of Damnation
  • Wand of the Whispering Dead / Wand of Fates became Contortion / Plague Igniter
  • Doomfinger became Fading Glow / Wand of the Archlich

    Of course, a few weapon models suffered the "No Longer Available to Players" fate. Among these are the downright silly such as the Homer Simpson shield, as well as the undeniably badass, an example being a mace from The Four Horsemen.

    Those we mourn

  • Soulseeker
  • Nerubian Slavemaker
  • Maul of the Redeemed Crusader

    Those we don't

  • The End of Dreams
  • Misplaced Servo Arm
  • Hatchet of Sundered Bone


  • The Plague Bearer
  • Stygian Buckler
  • Death's Bargain

    The Ashbringer
    Perhaps the most desired item out of old Naxxramas is the Corrupted Ashbringer - the unique looks, the whispers from the fallen Mograine and an epic event in Scarlet Monestary makes this one of the most historic items in the game. It has been made clear on several occasions that Blizzard considers it a mistake to ever put a weapon such as this into the hands of players. The lore implications were too great, and it seems the move was retconned, or at least to some extent corrected, when it was revealed that Darion Mograine, son of The Ashbringer, obtained the corrupted sword after killing his father in Naxxramas. It has subsequently been cleansed and is now held by Tirion Fordring. An interesting thing to note is that in addition to taking on a darker tone and a skull on the blade, the sword grew considerably when it became corrupted, also reshaping the hilt (

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