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#1 - 2014/03/24 11:21:00 AM
Hey guys,

Is it true that Blizzard intends to make high level characters purchasable? This would be an atrocity. I play WoW instead of other MMO's because you pay a subscription instead of being pay2win.

Being able to buy 90 characters will make your account way more flexible and make it very easy to get the versatility others work to get.

I'll almost pull the "I'll stop playing" card on this one. I'm already finding less and less reasons to subscribe and now something like this. It is nothing but greedy.

What are your thoughts on this new feature?

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#10 - 2014/03/24 02:36:00 PM
There are existing threads on this topic. If you’d like to add anything further, please continue the discussion in one of those.