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#1 - 2014/03/21 10:00:00 PM
Okay, so last week's training was a little rough on you, I know. This week, though, you're still going to be challenged, but hopefully you can come out victorious!

Old MacDonald resides in the northern fields of Westfall. There alongside the road near Old Blanchy's remains (may she rest in peace), you'll find him standing next to his team, Teensy, Clucks and Foe Reaper 800. Head on over, see if you can defeat this country-boy, and then come on back to tell us how you did!

Remember, you can only use a team of level 2 pets: one Undead, one Aquatic, and one Magic. (Yes, I convinced Payne to let you have a slight edge with the Magic. Please thank me with large quantities of crispy bacon.)