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#1 - 2014/03/15 01:36:00 PM
Well written post that put the game in a "negative" position are totally being ignored.

Blue response on positive publicity:

Constructive criticism on the game "negative publicity?"

And we could make the list longer. Step up on communicating with the community more. Even in bitter times you show your players involvement and respect. It's no shame to not have a 100% perfect game. Thats why these players give you enough information and ways to solve things. But you have to interact more with these people.

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#8 - 2014/03/15 05:11:00 PM
These forums are for discussion about World of Warcraft, therefore we’re locking this thread as it’s about our Community team's forum presence, and the forums is not the correct avenue for such feedback.

Should you have feedback about our Community team, which includes their forums presence, blog articles, live event presence, contests or community staff, then we encourage you to send it to: [email protected]

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