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#1 - 2014/03/12 04:32:00 PM
14/02/2014 12:06Posted by Takralus
Forum bans: have you re-read the Code of Conduct ([url=""][/url]) and the ban explanation, and are still convinced you did not break the rules (that badly)? Feel free to contact us about it [url=""]here[/url], but keep in mind that it’s no guarantee the ban will be overturned.

So apparently the way we appeal forum moderation has changed (and been curtailed).

The link in the Sticky, quoted above, brings you here;

The only option is 'My forum access is permanently suspended and I want to appeal.'

Apparently if you have concerns regarding a temporary forum suspension, Blizzard isn't interested. Something else I noticed and find troubling is that the other options listed in the sticky are about running a fansite and providing general feedback to the community team. How do we appeal moderation other than permanent bans?

If there's really no way of appealing temporary forum suspensions, edited / deleted posts and threads being locked or deleted, then that's pretty dire. The forum is not operated by the government - notions such as 'the right to free speech' don't apply here.

However, what should apply is professional conduct. Customers should have a way of contacting the company and having their concerns addressed if they believe that an employee has either made an mistake or behaved inappropriately.

Here's a link to the equivalent Sticky on the US forum;

Posted by Lylirra:
To contest forum penalties or submit "sticky" requests, please email [email protected].


I apologize for and retract every post in which I have defended Blizzard against the notion that European customers aren't treated the same as our friends in America.

Clearly I was mistaken.

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#54 - 2014/03/13 10:33:00 AM
This thread is going a little off-track from its original point that the forum suspension appeal process has changed.

The community team no longer handles forum moderation, this is done by a dedicated team of moderators who are able to look into tickets not just during regular working hours like we in Community used to, but over the weekends and into the evenings as well. These same people are also now looking into forum ban appeals, which makes sense as they are the ones who are moderating. We very rarely received appeals for temporary suspensions in the past, but if anyone wants to appeal such a thing, they can still use the link. If the suspension is found to be justified though, I can't guarantee a response for appeals like this.

If you'd like to give feedback about the forums or community staff, we always appreciate such, and encourage you to send it to [email protected] Please be aware though, that (exactly the same as the US) while emails sent to this address may not receive a response, each one will be read and handled accordingly.