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#1 - 2014/03/13 12:22:00 AM
Lets go back 5-6 years ago....

Me 'Found a game on the internet, might subscribe, seems really cool'

Wife 'Ah cool, my purse is on the table, just remember to change it to your account later'

Me 'Nws' will do, love you dear'

<Full subscription follows>

Go forward to 3 nights ago....

Wife 'Are you playing that WOW game tonight?'

Me ' game has gone to pot'

Wife 'Really, why?'

Me 'Well tbh it's the content lapses, pvp imbalance, pve dps imbalance...I don't want to bore you tbh'

Wife ' Comon it can't be that bad, you used to enjoy it'

Me ' Yeah true but there is so much broken with the's hard to find enjoyment in the game anymore...bad RNG...nothing new to do.....derpy peeps all the time'

Wife 'You used to talk to people on your mic and stuff....'

Me 'Yh but they have all left now too, bored tbh.....see it's all about big your sword is ....if yours isn't big enough peeps just don't like you.......mine is below average sooooo no new friends for me,lol'

Wife 'It doesn't matter how big your sword's how you use it....<wink wink>'

Me 'Yh that doesn't really work in WOW tbh...peeps are so wrapped up in themselves they have kinda lost the point of the game, enjoy, make friends etc...all about sword size'

Wife 'That's a shame, why don't you email Blizzard , that is what their called isn't it?'

Me 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA....god that made me laugh....'

Wife 'Don't be nasty, they have a job to do...a business to run'

Me 'Yeah but most businesses listen to their clients...all their clients...not just the American or Asian ones....nah tbh I think I'll have a couple of nights, see if I can see light at the end of the tunnel.....not sure after know when I first subscribed on your bank account?'

Wife 'Yh'

Me 'I forgot to change it to mine.........<pause>'

Wife 'So Blizzard have been taking MY money every month???'

Me 'Th, but don't be nasty...they have a business to run................................'

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#28 - 2014/03/13 10:06:00 AM
I'm going to lock this thread because of the direction this conversation is heading in, but before I do:

13/03/2014 09:56Posted by Broteas
Orzabal, you're my hero.