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#1 - 2014/01/07 05:15:00 PM
What is a raid?

A group of people who come together to slay dragons, and get rewarded with fabulous wealth!
Group of like-minded players who just want to do a raid without any drama, and not have to worry about being kicked because of DPS.
I started doing this Raiding thing myself about 6 months ago, because I wanted to see for myself what Organized raiding is about.
I had heard about a website that's a BOON to Raid leaders, called Openraid.US. It's essentially a Group Finder for World of Warcraft. Anything you want to do with someone else in the game, you can find it on OR. It takes only a few minutes to sign up. All you need is an email address, which by the way, doesn't have to be your WoW one.

Now for the Raids I'm hosting:



But what if I don't have enough gear?
In Flex difficulties, gear is less of an issue but there are still DPS requirements due to short enrage timers on some bosses. I use Average Group Item level when running a raid.
I already killed X boss in Y wing, can I just come for one boss?
Yes but you will be chosen last.

This is the Average Group Item Level for Each Siege of Orgrimmar Wing:

Wing One: 500
Wing Two: 510

Wing Three: 520
Wing Four : 530

Throne of Thunder Gear Req: 496.

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Cmon, i dont bite.

Waitaminit! You're Forsaken. I'm pretty sure that you do.