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#0 - 2009/09/21 01:30:07 PM
Ok I will try to keep this as short as possible.

I completed the quest chain for the events that lead to the Achievement "Veteran of the Wrathgate". Which includes killing Varimathras.

I also (in my boring times) like to complete low quests for the Loremaster Achievement. So i got the quest "The Power to Destroy...". But when i did the quest in Ragefire Chasm and went back to Undercity to return it Varimathras, due to the first mentioned Achievement and due to phasing, wasn't visible to me. So, no return for this quest.

I talked to a GM and he told me that he is not informed about any change to this quest. And said to me that it is up to me if i want to abandon it or keep it in case the developers change the return NPC for this quest.

I would like someone from the Blizz's stuff to answer me on this please.

I will bump this thread every now and then till i get an answer.

Thank you for your time and hope you change it. Even one quest can make the Difference for the Loremaster Achievement.

Again, Thank you in advance.


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#7 - 2009/09/24 01:43:26 PM
In an upcoming content patch the hand in NPC will be replaced with someone new should you have completed the Battle for Undercity. It wont be Lady S, though. :)