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#1 - 2014/02/28 12:20:00 AM
I am still without a proving grounds silver completion on healing.

Guess I am just not good enough to be in a queue as healer for a random heroic dungeon in Warlords of the Horde, so I will stop joining them now in Mists.

I wish I could stop being such a bad.

Edited to clear some things up.
1) My brother was over one time and he jumped on and he actually did the silver healing, not myself. Personally, I have not been able to beat silver.
2) Im not really good at raiding. I do somewhat okay. Being 2/14 H is not very strong.
3) Because of this, come Warlords of the Horde, based on my current performance, I wont be able to do random Heroic Dungeons.
4) As stated, I just wish I could stop being such a bad.

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#62 - 2014/02/28 06:29:00 PM
A couple things to quickly point out before I run to a meeting:

A fresh level 90 in quest greens could clear all Heroic raids. Being present for a boss kill is not the same as personal competence, so it's not a particularly compelling argument against Proving Grounds being able to measure skill. Not saying you're getting carried or anything of the sort, but being wholly reliant on yourself vs. being a part of a group is just a different dynamic.

But secondly we do understand there are some balancing challenges for Proving Grounds which we do intend to address for Warlords. There are scaling difficulties that will be overcome partly by stat changes happening in the expansion, but those that aren't we'll ensure are tuned appropriately. Our goal is not to intentionally keep any class or spec from being able to achieve Silver if the person playing them is playing them well. Endless is intended to be a brutally difficult challenge of skill, Silver is just supposed to show you have a pulse and a general understanding of your class. It's Captcha of dungeon queuing.