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#1 - 2014/02/26 01:17:00 AM
Yep all servers are now PVP you cant avoid tagging your self if you use ability that damage more then the target. Playing on Timeless Isle I targeted the rare spawn when all of a sudden I was set up on buy a pack of PvP players. I was confused as always why their allowed to attack me when I clearly have PvP disabled . The asnwer I used Lynx Rush and a trinket grenade on the rare spawn in which a PvP took damage which changed my stats to PvP.

I did not sign on to Uldum to play PvP and now I cant avoid it at all with out damaging my quality of game. I cant use a great deal of spells on my Death knight or I get tagged. The time of just questing and not involving others is clearly over you cant avoid tagging your self and when you have a pack of players getting in your way because their their killing other players and then the rare spawn your quality of game tanks.

Your going to try to explain why its not but its all bullcrap. most of you well say to bad go play some other game screw your cry baby !@#. so what ever the games now PvP and there no where to play with out it interfering with your game.

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#20 - 2014/02/28 02:08:00 AM
02/25/2014 05:28 PMPosted by Taurettes
From what I understand, Blizzard is planning on some sort of "yes, I MEAN IT when I say I don't want to pvp" flag, with the next expansion.

For what it's worth.

I was actually dropping into this thread to mention that a system like this is on our radar.