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#1 - 2014/02/25 12:30:00 PM
~Reference to the title.
Recently ive noticed a lot of people looking for a group to do challenge modes on gold before WoD, ive also noticed several boosting services offering 9/9 dungeons on gold for 120k~ gold. I dont know about the rest of argent dawn nor other servers, but to me, 120k is a lot, so ive decided to offer my help as a guide and a tank for those who want to do 9/9 gold 'n have their set along with achievements before WoD.

I've done roughly 60~ challenge modes on gold by now, around 340 as a tank, around 11 as dps and the rest as a healer. I am taking everyone, no experience required. I only ask for you to buy flasks along with invis pots along with an itemlvl above 463, and have either skype or mumble installed. A microphone is not required.

For those interested, add Nightrohk#2908 or come whisper/mail Nightfuzzy on Argent dawn.

Im going to do a quick edit.
For those willing to do challenge modes, can you either send me an in-game mail or add my battletag and type the following information about your char:
- Char name
- Server name
- Class
- Spec

I understand some people are having trouble putting stuff in their battletag note, if this is the case, can you put your char name in your broadcast, then ill do my best to find you.

For those of you who think the battletag let you down, its because my friend requests are full, you'll be able to add me later, i just have to work my way through them first!
Danellos has informed me you cannot type anything when requesting a bnet friend, therefore i just want you to have some patience, if you havent talked with me yet, please send a new request, hopefully ill get to all of you.
Getting back to answering the forums shortly

I do want to reply to the messages in this thread, however that'll be tomorrow. For those of you who were offline when i accepted your invite you are still on my friendlist if you want to be signed up.

Practical information for the healers and other classes:
If you can manage to get your hands on the restorative ambers from the Klaxxi faction that will help you out a lot with your mana.
If not we can manage regardless.
I got a lot of whispers regarding invis pots on stealth classes such as mages and rogues, you do not need invis pots if you are a rogue or a mage. I do want you to have some as a druid.

I am currently sorting out teams, i will poke you on the char you've listed for when you have a spot, along with the times we are going to do the CMS. I am not doing horde runs right now, i am considering faction changing to horde eventually, for now im going to do my best to make sure i get the people who've signed up today the 9/9 gold.
For those who are wondering each team takes about 1-3 days for a complete 9/9 on gold. I cant promise you'll get all of them on gold, but right now, i do have a stunning 0% failure.

I am now setting teams up. I am mailing you on the char you've listed if you are not online, for those of you who've recieved a mail, please reply to the char with your battletag. If you have not recieved a mail, it doesnt mean you are not in a team, it just means i havent set a time for it yet. Im not forgetting anyone.
Ive sorted my mail and i am not longer taking requests.
Currently sitting on a total of 121 people. I will get in touch with the monk who offered to do the same thing as me, so keep checking your mail.
If you've entered as a warlock, death-knight, rogue or paladin, you will have to wait some time the lists are fairly long.

Ive returned from my break, and will carry on taking teams, for those of you who havent noticed yet theres another guy doing pretty much the same thing as me;
Im going to contact him 'n see if we can work together and make the planning a little bit easier.

Please make sure you've completed every dungeon on hc, having the achievement on a different char is not enough. In order to enter a dungeon on CM you have to complete the hcs on the char you are going with.

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#8 - 2014/02/25 02:41:00 PM
Well done Nightfuzzy *thumbs up* :D