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#1 - 2014/02/23 10:36:00 PM
ive spent the last week arguing with a member of mine concerning this matter, and ive spent the entirety of my day digging through old patch notes on the topic to no avail. Although im not supported to ask this im going to anyway, i need a Blue reply to this, or a link to a blue reply on the matter, or a link to patch notes that explain it in the unlikely event that i somehow missed it.

Is the penality still built into the game? i know it was there in one of the older platforms but ive heard claims it was removed in cata. so quite simply, does it still exist or not? due to the questionable decision about pvp gear in this new season id like to know if theres still cause to turn away pvp geared players out of hand.


interesting, i was informed wrong when i started playing then back in BC. so lets expand this past that, if the entire idea of factoring resilience into the stat budget of gear to keep pvp and pve separate since the methods of gearing are rather different and pvers are at a distinct disadvantage compared to pvpers in gearing speed, then why remove that now? essentially the new season gear makes 62-87.5% of flex gear irrelevant (depending on if the person cares about the set bonus outside of reg or not).

and lets face it the majority of wow players are fairly lazy in most cases, if its easier to gear up in pvp gear, of which there is no doubt just lose rbgs until capped and repeat weekly, they arnt likely to think to compare itemization or upgraded flex gear vs conq gear.

so tell me blizzard, what under the Light are you bloody thinking making pvp gear thats on par with reg raiding gear without some form of penalty for wearing the junk in a raid?

Edit 2- clarification and suggestions

I do NOT give a single rats rear end about world pvp balance. double pvp power to compensate or whatever. However this thread has zip zero nil none what so ever to do with world PvP

there are some methods to solve this problem and even allow for a world pvp balance so the tears of pvpers stop flooding the boards, and my thread.

Solution #1 Nerf the gear down to 540 ilv, but increase PvP power to compensate for the loss of primary and secondary stats as it is no longer on the stat budget

Solution #2 Create a scaling mechanic for instanced PvE identical to the one currently in place for instanced PvP scaling down all PvP gear to 528/540 ilv gear while inside of a PvE instance. (Thanks to Jugaa for the suggestion post #239)

Solution #3 Create a debuff applied to players upon entering instanced PvE content that scales down their stats 5% for every piece of PvP gear equipped. The debuff can be named 'Unprepared" and feature a image of Illidan and upon mousing over it you will be treated to a quote from illidan in yellow text "You are NOT prepared" which is only fitting considering the next Xpac in the works

any or all would work although im personally fond of #3 myself i think #2 would be the easiest and fastest to implement. any of these allow for the playing field in world pvp to be evened out while also preventing abuse of pvp gear use in raids.

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#119 - 2014/02/24 10:50:00 PM
02/23/2014 02:47 PMPosted by Mát
in BC a penalty was introduced for wearing pvp gear in pve content. the simple version is the more pvp gear you had the more your damage and healing scaled down while in instanced pve content.

I am not aware of any such mechanic ever having been implemented. Perhaps you're thinking of the equivalent loss of effectiveness due to Resilience having been budgeted into the item level of that gear, and thus it was less effective than an equivalent piece of PvE gear?