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#1 - 2014/02/22 09:13:00 PM
So, alot of threads have been deleted. One can only wonder why this is happening. Are the moderators afraid of the negative publicity? In my opinion, you need to be able to handle both positive and negative feedback. I will therefore repost my original response to you again:

Dear Blizzard.

Over the last 1 1/2 month, your servers have constantly knelt down. And I know that you are not legaly bound to give a rats [email protected]# about it (since we were so stupid and accepting your ToS). However, are you happy?

Do you feel that you are doing absolutely everything in your power to handle the situation at hand? Is it not ridiculous that you experience the same errors time after time after time. Where is the pride you lay in your work? Do you care so little? Because that is the feeling me, and obviously several others, are sitting here with. Again and again and again, we are unable to play the game that we enjoy so much. One should belive that you would do nothing less than your absolute best, to prevent this from happening. Yet here we are again. The game is unplayable, and the forums turn into a forest fire, with several threads popping up (including this one), where we as paying customers, express our dissatisfaction with the service you are supposed to provide us.

Yes, before the armada of fanboys come in and undevotedly defend Blizzard, I think they do a good job, most of the time. And yes, things were alot worse back in tha ol'days (been around since 2006 myself). But is it so hard, after almost 10 years of running this game, to expect that the number 1 company in MMO's knows how to handle their servers and minimizing downtime? Is it so unreasonable to expect that a company with such a huge amount of customers, provide us with more information, instead of "Yeah guys, there is a problem, sorry."

Truly Blizzard, these last months have shown your inadequacy. Both your maintainance crew and your customer support score very low in my book now. For shame Blizzard, for shame.

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#13 - 2014/02/23 01:20:00 PM

As there are already existing threads regarding the main topic of discussion in this thread it will be locked, in order to keep the forum clean and to keep discussion of the issue in one place. Please use the stickied thread here if you would like to comment or discuss the recent connection issues.

As mentioned above by others in this thread, we accept both positive and negative feedback on our forums, however the post must follow the forum rules and guidelines. Bad language, making duplicate threads and direct harassment of Blizzard or its staff is against these rules and will lead to thread deletion.

You can review our forum guidelines here and the Code of Conduct here

Thank you.