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#1 - 2014/02/20 10:00:00 AM

Basically I'm looking for more people to finish of 9/9 gold within the next 3/4 days, hoping to finish 2/3 per day within a reasonable amount of time. I currently have 2/9 golds and have studied up on the others and feel confident in leading them (however I am more than happy to let someone with more xp lead).

What i am looking for is 4 more players, 3 dps and a tank who are competent in there classes and have the patience to wipe and work for the gold medals. Only requirements are that you are fully gemmed, enchanted, have all consumables (dps pots, flasks, invis pots, food, etc) and access to vent. Please note however that what i understand that people make mistakes etc, I am looking for people who are able to get these done within a reasonable period. in other words i will remove players who under perform and replace them.

We will be running each day starting at 6pm PST.

Please leave your Class/Spec/Experience and Battletag below

*edit, we will be doing Scholomance, Gate of the Setting Sun and Temple of the Jade Serpent tomorrow (thursday)

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#5 - 2014/02/20 10:47:00 PM
Please use one of the "Challenge mode cross realm finder" group threads when looking for help with challenge modes. We'd like to avoid a forum full of these request threads.

Thank you! ---Rax