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#1 - 2014/02/18 04:28:00 PM
I know that we all like a good moan and i am one of the people that are just getting annoyed by the same things being said over and over again. But these people can let off a bit of steam if they want to and we can just ignore them. I just read a thread about the problems that blizzard have been having and a blizzard employee locked the thread and said there are other threads regarding this issue. You cant just lock a thread because there is alot of them its just people letting out some steam and getting some opnions. I dont know maybe imk reading it all wrong and its for other reasons but i hope you people below can shead some light on this for me as i im getting tired of locked threads.

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#3 - 2014/02/18 04:42:00 PM
Firstly, there's nothing wrong with letting off steam etc. as long as it's presented in a constructive and concise (if possible) way. We need to know what is specifically the issue, and how you believe it can be improved.

If there are several threads that are all about the same topic, it's a lot harder for us to collect accurate feedback for the devs. It diminishes the quality of the discussion too, because a good point raised in one thread will not be seen by everyone discussing the matter in the other threads. It also means there are several small threads instead on one big thread, and smaller threads tend to sink faster on the boards, so less people will get to see what's been said. Therefore, it's better for everyone if there's one main topic where people can discuss things.

18/02/2014 16:31Posted by Lliesen
along with other criteria such as mentioning Blizzard in the title(why that tho defeats me tbh)

It's not allowed if it's only done to draw attention to the thread, e.g. "Blizzard read this". But if it's discussing news etc. it's okay :)