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#1 - 2014/02/18 11:24:00 AM
Would'nt it be quite nice, if all, or atleast the most players unsubscribed for a month, seeing as thats all we can do really.

I know it wont happen, but the last few weeks have been terrible to many players with D/C's, latency issues or just plain issues with gameplay.

"There's an issue with this, or that..." or "follow us on twitter". How about "We're sorry for the weeks of issues, we are treating you to a free month of gameplay". Hehe, nah thats a step out of line, sorry.

Sorry for this whiney thread, but after a while one gets tired of paying for excuses.

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#8 - 2014/02/18 01:54:00 PM
There are existing threads on this topic. If you’d like to add anything further, please continue the discussion in one of those.