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#1 - 2014/02/18 12:42:00 AM
I'll leave this at the top, then talk a little below :3. It may be in the wrong place, so if this doesn't belong here.., sorry? D:

As a first little note, it may be a little quiet compared to what you're used to on the 'tube, I'm not a very loud person >_<

So I may have missed the initial hype of the expansion, but I thought I'd throw this video out there for anyone still on the fence, or just as a means to express my excitement. We haven't heard a great deal about Warlords of late, but I still find myself hyped for the adventure!

I usually make videos for Guild Wars 2, though I have made some for Mists (especially during the beta) a while back, as well as Diablo 3 (Reaper of Souls, I need you!). When Warlords goes into the more public phases of beta (or when I get a key *fingers crossed*) I'll start making videos for Warlords too :3. I'm still unsure about which games will take precedence, but the one I'm having most fun with will get the most attention :D.

I haven't used the official forums for quite a while, though I always snoop around from time to time. Hopefully I can change that and be a little more active ;D. I don't see a lot of videos linked, so I hope this goes down well and isn't too.., whorish? Maybe it's in the wrong place..., either way I thought I'd throw it into the mix to see what y'all thought. As always with any of my videos, feedback / criticism / thoughts and suggestions are always welcome!

And as a last point, what are your favourite additions / reasons you'll continue to play WoW and pick up Warlords of Draenor? (if you do :D)


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#4 - 2014/02/18 11:41:00 AM
Cool video Kelani!

I wish we'd release more content like this here in Community, it's just so much more pleasant to watch a video than it is to read any blog, it's also much more effective in getting the word out there, in explaining what is coming and what is so exciting about WoD.
Thankfully we have some incredible and passionate players like yourself who help us with getting the word out there. I love watching these sort of video reviews/previews, and yours just made me even more hyped up to play WoD!
Yes… we really want to play the game just as much as you do. Really, really.