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#1 - 2014/02/13 06:42:00 PM
This is just a fun post id like to start where people contribute stupid and funny lessons which are a cliche of the game we all love.

Il start us off...

"Warcraft taught me...not all goretusks have livers"

Look forward to hearing all yours ^^ make me laugh

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#30 - 2014/02/14 01:17:00 PM
I was going for a funny answer, but oh well... here’s what I truly think:

… that a great and immersive videogame can inspire people to become the best version of themselves, to help, to collaborate, and to trust each other much faster and much more openly than in real life.
That maybe there's something we can actually take from certain videogames (like true equality), principles that can help to shape and improve the way we do most things in real life. People seem happier and more self-motivated when they're actively working towards a greater, shared, global goal.