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#1 - 2014/02/13 12:15:00 AM

Harpy is so cool. They don't take crap from nobody and are like super women. YEAH!
Alliance should have them in next update when adding new races.
Boar meat and also they have alot of lore that can justified it being joining Alliance.

Because if you look at that website at the top up there ^ scroll up there, yeah, if you look there you see many tribes and one tribe could join Alliance to aid and then lore done. Ok.

Harpies should have racial that allow them flying and they are also very cool so dont need much else. gg

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#22 - 2014/02/13 11:46:00 AM
The problem is that harpies don't seem to be very eloquent creatures, or at least unintelligible to the human ear...

Allow me to illustrate my point. Go here, click "Play", "Attack", and "Death".

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#55 - 2014/02/14 02:07:00 PM
14/02/2014 12:28Posted by Konza
You can't spell slaughter without laughter!
Ah! The shrewdness is strong with this one.

...neither Warcraft without war!

13/02/2014 17:35Posted by Rockwell
I wanted to look for pictures of harpies on the internet, but then a minor, yet momentous typo left me scarred for life.
Warpies? Jarpies? I see nothing wrong with Jar pies! Mhmmmm Jar pies...
... Horpies? Hurpies? Her... Oh!
There there, it was just a bad dream... the internet is a great, immaculate place.
Let this traumatizing experience be a learning one, spelling is very important, even more so if you're doing an image search.