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#1 - 2014/02/13 03:09:00 AM
Blizz just kill me now. First it's paladin tier robes and temporary race changes, next it'll be "build your own murloc hat" and that pandaren chinese food. Buy food buffs! Pay to win all over this.

For real Blizz, you're going downhill and always HAVE been.

*stares at terrible tankard*

OMG REALLY. Really. I had to FARM for that. UGH.

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#8 - 2014/02/13 03:24:00 AM
02/12/2014 07:20 PMPosted by Zen
I gave in. I bought a tankard. This is what YOU made me do, Blizz! Your capitalist greed has forced me to spend money to stay relevant!

I have one of those. It holds a LOT of things. I like it.