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#1 - 2014/02/13 12:25:00 AM
Hello, everyone that cares!

Today, I realized a very important issue with customer service, or atleast thru tickets. Almost everytime I submit a ticket, it never gets resolved and just ends with a GM saying, sorry, we cant help you! I don't post on the forums to qq or to get pissed or anything but im beyond those feelings, im infuriated with how blizz handled this situation. It took 2 times for a GM to talk to me, which Idc about, but the thing about this is that I put in the ticket that I had the Amani Dragonhawk when it just came out and I lost it, but I didn't know how to redeem it when I had it so I just turned the code into Landro Longshot, instead of going to the site and redeeming it there, then bringing the code it gave me to Landro. I explained to the GM that I opened tickets about how I couldn't redeem the code back in cata and that they could dig that up along with look at the code that I entered at Landro Longshot and recover it for me. They didn't listen.

The GM told me that he/she couldn't help me out because they would need verification of me having the card, and the only way of verification is to either have the code at hand, or to have a picture of the card. Reminder: In the ticket, I clearly said that I lost the card. This infuriates me, it makes no sense to talk to somebody and waste days just to tell them "Sorry! We cant help you, is there any other problems I could resolve today?" He/she even was going to award me the mount but he/she didn't even know that I lost it, after I clearly put it in the ticket! I seriously hope that blizz responds to this and little babies wont get involved and get mad thinking im a flamer.

Thanks for reading, and unlike the GM that serviced me, I hope you payed attention!

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#21 - 2014/02/13 01:07:00 AM
Looks like we have two threads. Let's stick to one.


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