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#1 - 2014/02/08 12:48:00 AM
Believe it or not, it's almost been a year since the Major Payne's Pet Menagerie blogs began. Over the course of this time, many of you have honed your skills, grown your pet collection, and have been loyal followers of Payne's antics.

We wanted to take a moment, though, to step away from the blog and get your feedback. We're thinking it may be time to mix it up, feature something new, or even revamp the format. So please, don't hold back! Our hope is you'll be open and honest about what you like and what you don't like. You're also more than welcome to share your ideas about how to make the blog more fun and exciting.

Thanks, all, we're looking forward to reading your responses!

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#5 - 2014/02/08 01:39:00 AM
02/07/2014 05:17 PMPosted by Mdarkskull
not really feedback, but a question. why was major payne chosen to be the face of this blog? he hates the horde!

When I first began to develop the concept, one of our developers said he'd be a great protagonist and voice for the blog. I knew immediately why: Major Payne is a major pain! No bias intended, of course, and the idea that he was already pretty iconic and a good candidate to be a drill sergeant just made him feel like a good choice. =)

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#6 - 2014/02/08 01:41:00 AM
02/07/2014 05:13 PMPosted by Dibface
Something I'd like to see would perhaps be a more in-depth look at the actual pet abilities. Maybe highlighting some combos (e.g. Call Darkness into Nocturnal Strike). Would be nice going into some pet battle strategies as well. Could even compare abilities on different rows (like Unborn Valkyr's Haunt vs Unholy Ascension).

This idea is definitely something I've been thinking about. ;)

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#38 - 2014/02/10 06:15:00 PM
02/07/2014 05:44 PMPosted by Bahia
I'd personally like to see a few more "normal," "catchable" pets featured.

This is something I can try to work in. Not directed at you, but in general, a lot of folks who are heavily involved in Pet Battles will likely have many of the pets that are featured. Though I can't entice every single reader of the Major Payne blog with a pet they haven't yet tamed, I can at least try to make it entertaining. =)

02/07/2014 05:56 PMPosted by Glados
From my experience, most people don't really know very much about pet breeds, or that they even exist.

I like where you're headed with this post. One of the ideas I have in mind would likely push players to make a greater effort to experiment and test different families. Sure, pure mechanicals are strong against most beasts, but what about an aquatic or undead? For instance, what if the blog challenged players to see if they can defeat Major Payne's team with all flying pets? Would that be fun and interesting while promoting a greater understanding of pet abilities as a member of a team? This is also directed at everyone who posted about pairings and teams, by the way.

02/07/2014 08:37 PMPosted by Vixie
As for pet battles, it's all good. Hope there's lots more pets in Warlords and achievements for catching all the zone pets again. Is the breeding feature coming in this xpac?

Pet Battles in Warlords of Draenor is still being developed so hang in there. =) And for the record, I stay in contact with the designers every week sharing ideas and feedback so keep it coming!

02/08/2014 04:00 AMPosted by Malebogia
I've always wondered why there is never any hint on where the pets can be obtained.

Most, if not all the blogs, have some kind of reference as to where you can get the featured pet. Can you give me an example where that's missing?

02/07/2014 05:21 PMPosted by Rhonstifor
Sorry to dump on you. I very much enjoy pet battling, and I would like to see these issues resolved.

First, I've contacted our designers and QA team to take a look at the lists of concerns you and others have posted. We do appreciate the heads-up on potential bugs, so thank you for posting. Second, not to take away from your concerns, but this thread was posted in order to gather feedback about the Major Payne blog. Please do try to keep it on topic.

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#48 - 2014/02/21 07:52:00 PM
Okay, I've read through your feedback and let it soak in. We'll have to see what you guys think when you see what's going to happen. ;) Of course, I'll leave this thread up so you can post your feedback.

Stay tuned for what's about to come, and thank you for posting your thoughts!!

02/20/2014 12:50 AMPosted by Vixie
I just appreciate Crithto's writing ability