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#1 - 2014/02/06 09:30:00 AM
two weeks and with out a eta on what is going to happen with skullcrusher / xavius or why we didnt get a update on why we aren't gettng the merge, 5+ people on the server is better than -5 people... seriously you are killing people's loyalty.

I believe in that everybody should be allowed to speak freely.

why are you guys deleting my thread asking what actually did happen? since none really answers anyone for two weeks, two entire servers are wondering.

you should never delete a paying customers question.... at least not one after 9 years. most companies treat their users or customers better than this after just a year!

fyi if you keep deleting my threads im just going to take contact again, with screenshots of this thread, cause i will make a screenshot. I do not like that blizzard is just deleting threads, and there was no threats, no bad stuff in the thread i had written, i was merely asking what you guys were doing, and what the currently status is about this matter, since you made a "they are going to get connected" and now i got people quitting the game in my guild. and the server is becoming inactive again

when skullcrusher was up and running with the news about the merge people actually logged on, to see if it was really true. - it wasn't and no msg why.... nothing was said, and still after two weeks, still nothing is said.

come on blizz we pay you everymonth and this is really the best you can currently do?

and just because im pointing out that you are having a poor customer service doesn't mean you should delete this msg. since im sure alot of players would like to know why we aren't getting any info on this matter. PAYING customers.

Kind regards

edit: thread that was deleted in case someone at the support would like to know. and look on the original msg.

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#23 - 2014/02/06 04:43:00 PM
If you have any feedback or comments about Connected Realms, please post in the stickied thread instead of making addition threads about it:

Everyone is very keen to know when their realms may be connected, and we share any information we can as soon as we receive it. We unfortunately don't have anything to share in addition to the information we post in that thread.