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#1 - 2014/02/04 02:50:00 PM
Hey, my warriors been a dps for a good 3 years now and considering taking up tanking, is it much fun though considering the supposed stress? I've asked some friends and they all have mixed opinions so any insight I can get into tanking on this thread would be much appreciated, thanks :)

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#5 - 2014/02/04 04:23:00 PM
I personally think tanking can be very rewarding, because of the added pressure. On the rare occasion I've been brave enough to tackle it myself, I know that I personally got a bigger sense of achievement afterwards than I do from just being DPS. However, I also like not having that responsibility, so DPS works fine for me most times ;)

I don't see tanks taking much abuse tbh, I certainly didn't get any negative comments when I was giving it a go once I explained I was new. I think many of us are just glad to have a tank join, especially if we've been waiting for a while ^^

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#23 - 2014/02/05 08:24:00 AM
04/02/2014 16:46Posted by Mackenzi
I would assume that a blue poster probably just doesn't spend that much time in LFR where the abuse is at it's worse but I could also be completely wrong about that. I don't think tank abuse will happen so much in organised raids like it does in random groups.

LFR is ALL I do, aside from the odd flex if someone will take me :P

The only time I recently saw a tank take a little flak was when the guy heading up the tower group at Galakras didn't make it up to the top before the rest of us and we all got one-shotted. However, he explained he'd had keyboard problems, we tried again, and it was all fine. He wasn't kicked, and people forgot about it once we started again.

I don't doubt people have occasionally seen tanks treated unfairly for silly reasons over the years, I'm just saying that in my experience, the vast majority of the time that's not the case.

Don't trust the blue post propaganda. Tanks get loads of <snip> nowadays. They want you to roll tank though, because that'll even things out.

04/02/2014 21:03Posted by Seikon
he proly tries to make people go tanking since we tanks are so few ,

Guys, really? It's just my opinion, I'm not trying to recruit armies of tanks by making stuff up >.< FYI, I'm going to try tanking again this weekend now, just to see how it is for myself.

04/02/2014 22:08Posted by Deawesome
Thanks for replies guys, I'm going to definately try it but it seems pretty daunting seeing as I'm in full dps gear so maybe just get a one handed and shield and gear through normal dungeons first would be best :p

You can craft some gear or ask someone to do it for you if you don't have blacksmithing, and you can always pick up a few decent items from the AH to get started.