Regional FlagWhen are blizzard gona fix Heroic Leap???Source
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#1 - 2014/01/16 04:08:00 PM
Path not availabe.. Path not Availabe.. U should be able to use Heroic Leap everywhere, so fix it already.

Basically you can only use it on straight roads and roads going down, but anything else like roads going up, give u path not available. Warriors rely on being mobile, so what use does Heroic Leap have when it doesnt work all the time?

An good example:

I got killed in Silvershard Mines, because i could'nt use my Heroic Leap on the road leading up at the Lava area. Message Spam on screen: Path not available... Path not available... While Gank City was going on...

Now it's not about the dying, but about something not working and !@#$ing up your gameplay.

So remove Heroic Leap or FIX IT!

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#28 - 2014/01/30 04:41:00 PM
It can be a bit frustrating at times yes, unfortunately until we can come up with a more elegant solution this will be required to ward off exploits.
Here's a recent tweet from our game designer Chadd Nervig about this subject: @Celestalon