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#1 - 2014/01/27 12:12:00 PM
EDIT: Added text - POV - Blue Tagged & Thread Links.

PART 2 -

So i was going to try out the PTR, because it was a long time ago & the first thing i saw when i entered the game is this......

Please tell me that this is not going live....

3 Shop buttons on the forums.
2 Shop buttons InGame
1 Shop button in the login screen.

What's next?
Shop button on minimap?
Shop button on Launcher?

When is this madness going to end?

A New Update.

The people who said that the Shop button for login screen only will be for character boost (s) seems to have wrong.
At the moment you can still access all the mounts + pets from this shop button but potions isn't available through this one.

This seems like a 3rd Shop button for me, i'd been fine with this shop button as long it was only for character boost (s) and removing the gold around the button to make it look less desperate.

My Point of View (POV)
Alright here is some constructive feedback on why i created this thread and why i reacted the way i did, Because i think many people miss understanding me on a lot of stuffs here.

I didn't create this thread in order to QQ about the shop buttons. You see i don't personally have anything against these shop buttons, but what i react on is how fast and many buttons that for moment is in the game while more is coming.

I do own almost all the blizzard store mounts & as well a few pets, so i don't mind buying stuffs as long i like them. When there is something that you/me like, you will most likely go and buy it. But you don't want to see this shop button in your face all the time neither get reminded of it all the time.

There is always a post on when something new is coming to the store & you will most likely see someone with the new mount or pet InGame with the new stuffs that are released.

You will get noticed when something new is coming, with or without the InGame shop.
As mention earlier in this thread from me i said that i wouldn't mind this button as long they removed the other shop buttons inside the game and removing the gold around this new button to make it look less (desperate) people will still see the damn button.

I also react on the InGame shop that was introduced in the interface bar. Why? Because there is so much more that could been there instead of a shop button that you might press once a half year.

There has been a lot of talking about this in other threads.
I know when i needed help with customer support and couldn't find the damn button because it wasn't on the interface i even started to ask in trade chat & people then told me it was in the ESC meny.
During this time i got pretty frustrated because it took me some time to understand that it was moved.

However, we have another shop button that also are located in the ESC meny & i do think that is a good place to have a shop, it's not in the way for something and you will spot it pretty easy when logging out.

I hope people can understand my POV of this issue as i am not against the shop buttons but how they are introduced.

BLUE TAGGED - Thanks a lot for your response on this thread and i hope we can provide some good feedback about this and come up with a good solution.

I want to remind people about an earlier discussion about the 2 InGame shop buttons - Check it out underneath.
By Danellos.

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#300 - 2014/01/29 05:03:00 PM
I know that for those of you who are just not interested at all in the store, these changes might seem somewhat redundant or even a bit annoying. I get that, I really do.
But please understand that a lot of players do like to use the shop, and since this is a fairly new feature (the in-game version of the shop), we want to make sure that everyone is aware of its existence and that you don't actually have to tab out to a web browser to use it.
The buttons outside of the micro-menu exist mainly because the micro-menu is one of those parts of the interface that some addons and UI packs actually hide by default, and we want everyone to know about this new functionality.

I really don't think that this is being in any way obtrusive and/or preventing you from playing the game as you have been doing all along. Now, I do understand that some players might have some more philosophical reasons to dislike it, but I still think that some are just blowing this out of proportion. It's a small button that you can choose to use or to completely ignore, it's not a pop-up window that forces user-interaction with it.
Of course there is a fine line that we don't want to cross when it comes to the number and the positioning of any kind of button within the game, too few buttons or poorly positioned ones often leads to unused/unknown features, too many, and they can become redundant or annoying. I can see that some of you are of the opinion that anything over one button is already too much.
You can rest assured that we will forward all of your feedback to the proper channels, it's important to us that everyone knows about new functionalities but obviously we don't want to cause any discomfort to anyone while doing so.

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#423 - 2014/01/30 08:41:00 AM
29/01/2014 17:13Posted by Rollatroll
Funny how something like the shop button can be found 3 times in the interface, while imporant and game changing designs like the new Crossrealm tool are harder to find in the interface than anything else...
29/01/2014 17:14Posted by Aeryane
exactly. WTB blue response on this.

12/12/2013 09:26Posted by Taepsilum
The new Group Finder tool in WoD (6.0) will completely replace the Raid Browser, and you will also be able to find it in a much more noticeable location.
You can see the rest of the post here.

We're really excited about the new Group Finder tool, it was long overdue and we'll obviously want to promote its use by making it more visible and intuitive to find.