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#1 - 2014/01/28 06:00:00 PM
PvP is clearly very close to an equal footing in terms of participation by the players.

Yet, I have not seen a blue post in these here forums in a very long time. Random BG's must be the most common of PvP instances by a long shot. Yet, we get so little feedback from the Devs

I know people do tons of Arenas. I know people do loads of RBGs. Regular non rated PvP must be the highest of the participation for brackets of PvP no?

We ask for a baseline ilvl and Infesty gave a really smart suggestion on how to implement comment.

We talk about how un fun it is to be the guy with quest greens in BGs - how being a free HK is just not exciting.

We talk about taking some of the grind out and evening the regular BG's gear differences between conquest geared and honor geared players. We talk about premades....5 man or otherwise and how some of us would prefer full groups and how some would prefer solo queues.

I don't want any of those topics discussed in this thread. I just am so at a loss as to why we get so little feedback in these forums about good ideas players do post here. I will grant that they are few, but there have been some good topics of discussion here. Since PvP players are very nearly on equal footing to the number of PvE instances run - why do we get so little feedback?

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#35 - 2014/01/28 11:55:00 PM
This thread makes me sad to read :(

One of my personal goals since I started at Blizzard has been to help improve communication with the PvP community. And, though I know it's technically a different forum, I've been as active as possible on the Arena forums contributing what I can. Many of those concerns extend to BGs and RBGs as well, and if you have a concern here that's PvP-related but not necessarily specific to Battlegrounds, it might be a good idea to check the Arena forums too just in case.

That said, I completely hear you guys on wanting to see more interaction in the Battlegrounds forums. I do read them regularly already, but I'll make a stronger effort to interact here more often :)