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#1 - 2014/01/28 12:25:00 PM
We want to give User Interface Add-On authors a heads up about a change in upcoming patch 5.4.7 (release date: TBD).

In patch 5.4.7, BattleTag™ or Real ID friends will only be able to send 10 chat messages every 10 seconds over® chat. We’re adding a new way for User Interface Add-Ons to send communications information via a new send function and receive event.

Send function:
    BNSendGameData (presenceID, addonPrefix, message)
  • Prefix must be <= 16 bytes and cannot include a colon.
  • The message plus the 16 byte prefix and an added colon separator, must be less than 4095 bytes.

Receive event:
    BN_CHAT_MSG_ADDON - prefix, text, “WHISPER”, senderToonID

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#8 - 2014/01/29 07:51:00 AM
Hi Jeremybell, we've updated the original text a little. You can now send text equal to the max chat message (255) in the game data message. The game data is not encrypted and can take readable text.

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#13 - 2014/01/30 07:23:00 AM
29/01/2014 12:27Posted by Jeremybell
Hi Takralus,

Thank you for the update, but does this mean that if I call
BNSendGameData(10, OR, "Hi I am inviting you for event 178 Throne of Thunder meta.")
The user receives
[Jeremybell whispers] Hi I am inviting you for event 178 Throne of Thunder meta.
or do I have to create an AddOn that listens to BN_CHAT_MSG_ADDON which has to "decode" the readable text and displays this in-line?

Yes, if you use BNSendGameData you will need an addon on the other side to “decode” it.

BNSendWhisper is throttled, similar to normal whispers. Basically this change makes chat similar to WoW chat, which it wasn’t before.